Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#30 THE HATERS - 1951

#30 The Haters by Theodore Strauss (original title: Night at Hogwallow)  © Little Brown Edition, 1931; Bantam Books January 1951. Cover artist unknown.  
"This gut wrenching story of a man who dared to help an accused Negro in the South. The Charge was rape. The girl was white." - Title page blurb
"About THE COVER: She came walking along in the sun pretty slow, pretending not to notice anybody, but she wasn't moving her legs that way because she thought nobody was looking. She was looking for trouble. She Found it."  - Inside page blurb


KW said...

I like to pretend Humphrey Bogart is reading that blurb.

Mykal said...

KW: So nice to hear from you. Regarding the Bogie reading: can't you just hear it?

KW said...

If I were the movie director I'd insist on it.